• Community leadership in Liverpool City Council

      Webb, Paul; Walsh, Christopher (University of Chester, 2010-06-01)
      The government places a great deal of importance on authorities being effective community leaders it has been enshrined in legislation since 2000 (LGA 2000 and RRAA 2000) and yet community leadership is still a relatively new term. There are key challenges effecting local government over the next ten years and every penny of public sector funding is required to be accounted for. “Now more than ever taxpayers need to see that each pound of their money is working as hard as they did to earn it in the first place and is meeting their needs” John Denham, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. It is critical that members, the authority, partners and the community are clear on the responsibilities of local members acting as community leaders, the key skills and working practices required to carry out the role and that structures and systems effectively support it. The study will assess the level of understanding of community leadership in Liverpool City Council, and examine the key skills knowledge and working practices of those viewed as effective Community leaders together with what changes have been made which have had a positive impact upon the role. It will also consider what needs to change further in light of the developing role for members and to effectively respond to legislation.