• Students perceptions of service quality at University of Chester Seaborne Library

      Webb, Paul; Velayudhan, Satish (University of Chester, 2009-11)
      Delivering high levels of service is becoming increasingly important in a number of settings, particularly if an organisation is facing increased competition. This report examines the issue of how service quality can be assessed and delivered within the context of a library setting. It achieves this by examining the literature regarding service quality measurement and delivery. It then implements a modified version of the SERVQUAL / libQUAL+ instrument in order to identify the levels of service quality being delivered in specific library - the University of Chester Seaborne library. From this, conclusions are made regarding the suitability of the modified instrument for service quality measurement, and the particular service issues that University of Chester Seaborne library faces. The report concludes by making recommendations for service improvement, based on the findings of the literature review.