• The effects of magnesium supplementation on muscle strength and body composition: a review of the literature

      Pace, Antione (University of Chester, 2015-09)
      Magnesium plays key roles in several vital reactions within the body, with the roles played in energy production and protein synthesis suggesting a link with muscle strength. Magnesium intake is considered sub-optimal in western populations with certain individuals possibly being predisposed to hypomagnesemia. The determination of magnesium status can be conducted through various methodologies with some considered as being more reflective than others. Magnesium supplementation can be utilised as a method to correct deficiencies, with certain studies suggesting strength augmentations and alterations in body composition as a result. The purpose of this article is to review some of the suggested physiological roles of magnesium, the various options for uncovering whole body status, as well as any possible benefits of supplementation.