• An exploration of women’s experiences of emotional ambivalence during their first trimester of pregnancy and their perceptions of psychosocial support during that time

      Mintz, Rita; Lemanski, Louise A (University of Chester, 2020-04-22)
      The first trimester is a vital stage of pregnancy. Many important developmental changes take place for both mother and baby during this time. These changes are vast and fast paced and encompass changes to a woman’s body, their emotional and also their social wellbeing. This qualitative study aimed to gain insight into women’s experiences of emotional ambivalence and their perception of psychosocial support during the stage of the first trimester of pregnancy. Through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), super-ordinate themes and sub-ordinate themes were identified. Hearing first-hand accounts of four women’s lived experiences highlighted the prevalence of emotional ambivalence during the first trimester. It also exposed the reality and impact of perceived support that was deemed beneficial including support from significant relationships and support that was considered lacking including emotional holding and individually-led support. This study has added to the conversation that there is scope for further research with the view to addressing women’s mental and emotional wellbeing and the standard of perceived support they receive during the first trimester of pregnancy.