• Exploring young people's perception of counselling: A qualitative study

      Lynch, Gordon; Le'Surf, Anne (University of Liverpool (Chester College of Higher Education), 1997-02)
      This study explores young people's perceptions which are of relevance to the creation, operation and promotion of a Youth Counselling Service in Shropshire. It uses qualitative methods to interview youth workers/counsellors and young f people (both individually and in groups). The constant comparative method is used to analyse the data. The outcomes reveal the existence of significant perceptual blocks in this hard to reach group which would inhibit them from asking for help in counselling and suggest some ways of overcoming these through the design and promotion of the youth counselling service. A clear picture emerges from the data of the nature of the counselling service they would find acceptable. The relevance of the outcomes to the wider issues of access to counselling and the nature of counselling services in the future is discussed.