• The impact on families and relationships of having lived abroad

      Swinton, Valda; Lawrence-Smith, Sally (University of Chester, 2013-10)
      This qualitative research examines the impact on four participants’ lives of having lived abroad. The data was collected from four counsellors who had been living back in the United Kingdom for at least two years. It was collected via semi-structured interviews and analysed by using the Constant Comparative Method of data collection. Analysis of the data highlighted the impact living abroad had had on participants and how they had coped with the struggle of re-entry. Participants were affected by going to live abroad and some had struggled to maintain relationships as a result of coming home. Resettlement had resulted in feelings of loss, pain and sadness which had been buried or unrecognised for what it was at the time. Participants felt like outsiders in their own country and spent some time feeling isolated. The findings from the interviews support research in this area.