• Transforming adult social care: Personalisation and brokerage

      Page, Steve; Lavelle, Lynn (University of Chester, 2009-06)
      Social care in the UK is undergoing a massive transformation. Central government is demanding that care services are tailored to the individual, rather than forcing individuals to take up services which may not be appropriate to their needs. Timescales for this transformation are extremely tight, meaning large scale change in a short period of time. With a rapidly ageing population, the impact of giving citizens more choice and control over their own care will be considerable, meaning individuals will have to undergo substantial change in how their services are assessed, procured and delivered. The effect of these transformation efforts on the social care work force means significant changes to their ways of working and the culture of the organisations they work for. This study will assess the impact of the changes brought about by personalisation of care services, and critique how the changes are managed within a large organisation with strong cultural links and ideas. It will also consider whether introducing an intermediary service to streamline services is beneficial and appropriate. The study is based around Liverpool City Council, and 4 other local authorities across England and Wales.