• A review of performance appraisal within Liverpool Direct Revenue Services

      Lamb, Frank (University of Chester, 2009-06)
      This dissertation sets out to review and explain the challenge of performance management and how this is addressed through the performance appraisal process within Liverpool Direct Revenues Service. The research will examine the elements which constitute a high performing appraisal process and consider the current problems inherent within the appraisal process within the revenues service and the impact this maybe having on service delivery. The study also considers the impact on staff and their development of an appraisal system which is not delivering key messages or addressing individual performance issues. The research used a number of data capture methods. Secondary survey data was used to underline and support findings from the primary interview data. In addition a survey of all frontline staff within the revenues service was undertaken to provide a greater wealth of data and enrich the overall research. As a result of this research it was discovered that the revenues service does not have a coherent performance appraisal process. There exists a clear dichotomy between senior managers and senior officers as to what elements should be present in the performance appraisal. The research also discovered there was little engagement or confidence in the process from the participants. The research makes several recommendations which include the training of all managers within the revenues service and the embedding of the appraisal process within the organisation. Further recommendations are made to improve staff engagement in the process and create better feedback of information.