• Front line fatigue or capacity building - what's really going on? A case study of Liverpool City Council front line services

      Scanlon, Tom; Aspinall, Dyane (University of ChesterLiverpool City Council, 2005-05)
      Liverpool City Council has undergone a huge transformation, perhaps most notably in its front line services. Many of the staff working within the new functionally centralised environments has been exposed to a prolonged period of transformational and ongoing transactional change. This study has attempted to analyse the effects such a change journey has on individuals, looking particularly at the notion of capacity building and change fatigue. The case study utilised interviews with Managers and staff focus groups which were supplemented by surveys of 60 staff within Liverpool City Councils front line services, i.e. Call Centre and One- Stop Shops. The data confirmed that staff within these environments have undergone a unique change journey over the last four years and found that exposure to extensive and prolonged change does increase an individual capacity to undertake further changes in the future. The extent of the presence of capacity building within individuals was found to be similar in both Call Centre and One- Stop Shops. The evidence also suggests the presence of change fatigue within both working environments and particularly so within the One- Stop Shops where more change fatigue was found to be present. The findings from this research suggest that staff within these working environments would benefit from greater involvement in setting the pace of the change, more effective communication about future change and require greater support from managers as the cumulative effects of change builds to a critical point. This case study is largely theoretical with some application in practise.