• Psychometric properties of the Beliefs about Medicine Questionnaire (BMQ)-AET for Women taking Adjuvant Endocrine Therapies (AET) following early-stage breast cancer

      Brett, Jo; Hulbert-Williams, Nicholas J.; Fenlon, Deborah F.; Boulton, Mary; Walter, Fiona M.; Donnelly, Peter; Lavery, Bernadette; Morgan, Adrienne; Morris, Carolyn; Horne, Rob; et al. (SAGE, 2017-11-17)
      Objectives: To evaluate the Beliefs about Medicine Questionnaire to explore adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy after treatment for breast cancer (BMQ-AET). Method: Factor structure of the BMQ-AET was explored alongside internal consistency, convergent validity and acceptability. Results: The BMQ-AET Specific Scale fitted the original 10 item model. Internal consistency of the BMQ-AET was much improved compared to the original BMQ and convergent validity showed predicted direction of correlation, although correlation with BMQ-AET concerns scale was low. Acceptability was good. Conclusions: The evaluation of the BMQ-AET is encouraging, and could facilitate future research around adherence to AET.