• Managing Risk Online

      McGarry, Amanda; Reeves, Andrew; University of Chester (BACP, 2020-11-27)
      This article considers the professional considerations in working with clients at risk of suicide in an online therapeutic environment.
    • Skin picking - how can we heal our scars?

      Devonald, Julie; University of Chester (BACP, 2016-10-31)
      Counsellor Julie Devonald describes her research into dermatillomania (skin picking), starting with her own experience. She looks at the causes, effects and possible treatments, including what therapists can do to help.
    • Tears from the void: The arts, the spiritual and the therapeutic

      Egeli, Cemil; University of Chester
      Cemil Egeli has an autoethnographic conversation about a night at the theatre, posing questions to himself to challenge and explore his thinking further.