• The enclosure of West Chester: Keeping ahead of 'champion England'

      White, Graeme J.; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2012-10-18)
      This book chapter discusses the enclosure movement in west Cheshire and how the landowners of Cheshire managed to avoid this.
    • Introduction

      Morris, Wayne; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2019-05-25)
      Fr Martin McAlinden was a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Dromore and Director of Pastoral Theology at St Patrick’s College Maynooth. Martin was studying for a doctorate at the University of Chester when, in 2016, he sadly died. His research had focussed on the spiritual malaise experienced by many priests in the Catholic Church in Ireland. In response, he developed a theology rooted in the ancient notion of Acedia and he used this as a way of talking about the spiritual crises many priests experience. The ancient response to Acedia, the command to stay in one’s cell and pray, provided Martin with a way of speaking about how this spiritual malaise might be transformed. This book brings together a major article that has emerged out of Martin’s research, together with a series of responses from many who accompanied him during his studies. It is offered to Martin’s brother priests, and to the whole Church, as a gift of love that might, it is hoped, contribute to the spiritual renewal of the Church.
    • Myth, metaphor and science

      Wall, Alan; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2009)
      This book explores the way in which language is used in fiction, poetry and science. It examines the role of metaphor in structuring our thought, and questions any simplistic notion of creativity. There is an enquiry into the significance of myth for the modern writer. Why do our earliest narratives return to haunt us at the end of history? The final essays ask what it means to attempt scientific descriptions of reality in words. Can language here ever be anything more than a clumsy approximation of mathematics? The book ends with a paper written jontly by the particle physicist Goronwy Tudor Jones and Alan Wall, exploring the meaning of complementarity in modern physics, by describing in detail the double-slit experiment.
    • Relocating the traditional in the Senegalese classroom

      Garvey, Brenda; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2013-06-30)
      The book chapter discusses the educational programme of Case des Tout-Petits in Senegal.
    • Revolting Women: Performing the New Explicit

      Rees, Emma L. E.; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2018-06-11)
      Casey Jenkins's performance art and a qualitative analysis of the vitriolic comments about it of members of the public in a UK national newspaper. Redefining pornography as 'the new explicit' because of the artist's autonomy and (non-monetised) control over her work.
    • Shifting centres and static peripheries: Geographies of power in Francophone African development politics

      Griffiths, Claire H.; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2013-06-30)
      This book chapter discusses the politics of gender and developments in post-colonial Francophone Africa.