• Being, making and imagining: Toward a practical theology of technology

      Graham, Elaine L.; University of Manchester (Routledge, 2009-07-29)
      This article discusses how theological reflections upon the relationship between 'earth, sky, gods, and morals' - or nature, transcendence, divinity and humanity - might enable new framings of what it means to be human in the context of advanced technological societies.
    • Rapture or risk: Signs of the end or symptoms of world risk society?

      Knowles, Steve; University of Chester (Taylor and Francis, 2014-12-11)
      In this article I argue that elements of contemporary fundamentalist Christian apocalyptic discourse are not only influenced by, but are a product of the rhetoric and fascination with the notion of risk. The world risk society thesis developed by the German sociologist Ulrich Beck will be utilised as a conceptual framework to measure one example of an online discourse centred on a Christian dispensationalist understanding of the rapture: Rapture Index. This popular website utilises a statistical probability index system based on 45 different categories that relate to global socio-political events; the higher the aggregate total the nearer the rapture. The Rapture Index is indebted to the impact of risk in contemporary society and it is a tool that exemplifies non-knowing: a product of the world risk society.