• Maternal mental health: Stigma and shame

      Steen, Mary; Jones, Alun; University of Chester ; University of Chester (Medical Education Solutions Ltd, 2013-06-01)
      For some vulnerable women, a major life event such as becoming pregnant can bring out a predisposition to mental illness. Receiving mental health care can invoke stigma and shame in varied and complex ways causing a sense of entrapment.
    • Stop! Silent screams

      Steen, Mary; Keeling, June J.; University of Chester (Ian Heslop, 2012-02-01)
      There is evidence to suggest that pregnancy may trigger or exacerbate domestic violence. Domestic violence is recognised to be a significant contributory factor to maternal, fetal morbidity and mortality. The midwife is ideally placed to recognise domestic abuse and offer care, support and information. This article describes and discusses the multi-complex issues surrounding domestic abuse. It highlights possible indicators, how to ask questions, the importance of documenting evidence and explores ways that midwives can be responsive to the needs of abused women and their children.
    • Striving for better maternal mental health

      Steen, Mary; Steen, Scott; University of Chester ; University of Chester (Medical Education Solutions Ltd, 2014-03-01)
      Mental health is an integral part of health and a state of wellbeing. The concept of ‘parity of esteem’ increases awareness that mental health needs to be treated as seriously as physical health. During the childbirth continuum, women and their partners can be at increased risk of mental health problems; therefore it is important to embrace the ‘parity of esteem’ concept. This article highlights links between mental and physical health problems and discusses the vital role that midwives can play in promoting better maternal mental health. It considers the challenges this can present to midwives and maternity services.