• Assessing public health need

      Rose, Pat; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-11-20)
      This book chapter discusses the health needs assessment.
    • Caring

      Rose, Pat; University of Chester (Sage, 2008-03-17)
      This chapter examines the concept of caring, and considers the essential elements of caring such as knowledge and competence. The discussion also highlights how caring involves a relationship between the carer and the cared-for.
    • Caring for young people

      Humphreys, Amanda; Rose, Pat; Hope House Children's Hospice ; University of Chester (SAGE, 2010-10-15)
      This book chapter discusses children's palliative care in relation to changing family dynamics, the experience of loss, and transitional care.
    • Concept analysis as a dissertation methodology

      Baldwin, Moyra A.; Rose, Pat; University of Chester (Elsevier, 2009-05-10)
      This paper introduces the concept of the dissertation as an experiential method of learning about research. Undertaking a dissertation can be seen as proof of graduate-ness and the gold standard of undergraduate and postgraduate assessment. The skills demanded in research and concept analysis are compared. The requirements of demonstrating rigour and scholarship in dissertations, usually associated with traditional research methods, are shown to be present in concept analysis. There is a justification for concept analysis as a dissertation research method on the basis that the purpose of research is to expand a body of knowledge through a process of systematic and scientific enquiry. Institutions in which dissertation modules are studied have a responsibility to cultivate a research culture that encourages creativity. The dissertation is an opportunity for students to move away from the security associated with traditional methods of research: to engage with novel and sophisticated methods.