• The Healthy Futures Project

      Rabie, Gabrielle; Evers, Jean; Olsen, Veronica; Byrne, Kevin; University of Chester (Gay Rabie, Jean Evers, Veronica Olsen, K.Byrne, 2017)
      This article discusses the formation of the Healthy Futures Network which is an informal network of schools in the North West who began meeting over a period of several months seeking to address issues relating to the Health and Wellbeing of young people. The health focus was mainly on Obesity and Physical activity. There was however a recognition of the need to address underlying contribution factors relating to health and wellbeing. In 2014, this informal “Network” became the ‘Healthy Futures Network’, a cross-sector partnership between the University of Chester and 8 schools from the North West of England funded by Health Education England (North). The Project was designed to assess how a collaborative network of schools at a regional/sub-regional level could work together to promote health and wellbeing, and to improve emotional health and wellbeing of their pupils. This project was also part of an engagement strategy for raising aspiration and awareness of potential career education opportunities within the NHS.
    • Public health and the schools community

      Rabie, Gabrielle; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-11-20)
      This book chapter discusses how the school acts as a 'key setting' for the health and education of children and young people, in particular the National Healthy School Programme.
    • Public health and young people

      Rabie, Gabrielle; Cooke, Irene; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-11-20)
      This book chapter discusses health problems and long-term health conditions associated with youth.