• Educating nurses to provide better care for the military veteran and their families

      Finnegan, Alan; McGhee, Stephen; Leach, Johathan; University of Chester, University of South Florida, NHS England (Elsevier, 2017-05-03)
      Reports that military veterans do not divulge details of their military experiences because others “do not understand” has been accepted for too long. Veterans and their families require a nursing workforce that are knowledgeable of the specific demands associated with a military life, and who are educated and empowered to discuss these issues in a language that the veteran population understand. USA have taken steps to address this challenge through academic programmes that systematically teach nurses how to be pro-actively engaged in improving veteran’s health and wellbeing. These lessons are being absorbed into fully evaluated under-graduate nursing sessions being developed at the University of Chester that will ensure under-graduate nursing students gain the requisite knowledge and understanding of veteran health and social care.