• Clinical holding: ethical guidance for children's nurses working in the UK.

      Page, Andrea; Hejlskov Elvén, Bo; Seabra, Suzanne; Warren, Alison; McDonnell, Andrew; Lucy Mortiboys, Imogen; Vanes, Nicola (2019-07-09)
      This article explores ethical decision-making surrounding clinical holding of children and young people in healthcare environments with the aim of enhancing autonomy and engagement on their behalf. A considerable body of evidence, published over the last 20 years, suggests that this complex and challenging area of practice is not always well managed, with mixed messages about the nature of consent, choice and negotiated practice countered by best interests decisions taking precedence ahead of the child's wishes. An ethical framework is proposed comprising four levels of value-based interventions and how they may be applied in clinical practice, allowing for increased engagement, empowerment and support on behalf of children and young people in relation to clinical holding decisions. [Abstract copyright: ©2019 RCN Publishing Company Ltd. All rights reserved. Not to be copied, transmitted or recorded in any way, in whole or part, without prior permission of the publishers.]