• Clinical supervision and burnout: The influence of clinical supervision for community mental health nurses

      Edwards, Deborah; Burnard, Philip; Hannigan, Ben; Cooper, Linda; Adams, John; Juggessur, Tara; Fothergill, Anne; Coyle, David L.; Cardiff University; University of Glamorgan; University College Chester (Wiley, 2006-08-01)
      This article discusses a study which aimed to establish the degree to which clinical supervision might influence levels of reported burnout in community mental health nurses in Wales
    • A systematic review of stress among mental health social workers

      Coyle, David L.; Edwards, Deborah; Hannigan, Ben; Fothergill, Anne; Burnard, Philip; University College Chester ; Cardiff University ; Cardiff University ; University of Glamorgan ; Cardiff University (SAGE, 2005-03)
      This article discusses causes of stress amongst UK mental health social workers. Possible sources of stress were reported as role conflict, role ambiguity and fulfilling statutory responsibilities. Burnout was related to workload, degree of involvement with patients, lack of social support and role conflict.