• Peer observation and review of teaching in College Higher Education

      Dutton, Caroline K.; Rapley, Eve; University of Chester ; University of Bedfordshire (Staff and Educational Development Association, 2014-07)
      This book chapter discusses how peer observation of teaching (POT) has become established practice in higher education (HE). It focuses on data generated from a small scale study of the nature and use of POT within an HE in FE context and argues that using a developmental, peer approach (as opposed to one focussed upon Ofsted grading criteria) is a cornerstone of higher education and needs to be embedded into HE in FE in order to develop an genuine and collegial HE culture within a further education college.
    • Perceptions and use of peer observation of teaching in a 'HE in FE' context

      Dutton, Caroline K.; University of Chester (Staff and Educational Development Association, 2012)
      Peer observation of teaching is a generally accepted and valued method used for developing teaching and learning in universities. This research aims to understand the value of the use of peer observation in a HE in FE context. Initial analysis has found that FE colleges now appear to recognise the need for and value in utilising different approaches for HE teaching observations in comparison to those used for FE.