• Establishing the reach of the Cheshire Children's Fund April 2005 - March 2006: Database development and implementation

      Alford, Simon; Thurston, Miranda (Centre for Public Health Research, University of Chester, 2006-10)
      This project report discusses the development of a system that identified individual service users from a selected number of Cheshire Children's Fund services chosen to provide electronic data to allow detailed analysis. The majority of services asked to provide electronic data returns were either based in schools or with serivces which were providing support to schools.
    • Examinations in physical education: A sociological perspective on a 'new orthodoxy'

      Green, Ken; Chester College of Higher Education (Carfax Publishing, 2001-03)
      This article discusses the rapid growth of academic examinations (GCSE and 'A'-level) in physical education (PE) from a sociological, specifically figurational, perspective. It utilises data from the author's own research in order to examine: (i) how one might explain the significant increase in GCSE and 'A'-level PE and Sports Studies sociologically; and (ii) if such growth can justifiably be said to represent the emergence of a 'new orthodoxy' or, for that matter, an orthodoxy at all-rather than merely a consensus of thought and practice among PE teachers.
    • The National Health School Standard: the development of the Cheshire health and education partnership: A case study

      Thurston, Miranda (Centre for Public Health Research, Chester College of Higher Education, 2002-10)
      This project report discusses the question - what is the evidence that the Cheshire healthy schools programme is a 'partnership' based in health and education? The development of the 'partnership' and key achivements and the perceptions of 'partnership working' across the health and education sectors is analysed.
    • The National Healthy Schools Programme: A vehicle for school improvement? Case studies from Cheshire

      Thurston, Miranda (Centre for Public Health Research, University of Chester, 2006-10)
      This project report discusses the relationship between healthy school status and school improvement using case studies of three primary schools at different stages of the involvement with the healthy schools programme.
    • Physical education and health promotion: A qualitative study of teachers' perceptions

      Green, Ken; Thurston, Miranda (Emerald, 2002-06-01)
      This article discusses the extent to which health promotion is central to physical education (PE) teachers' philosophies and practices. 35 PE teachers in secondary schools in north-west England were interviewed.