• From Kama Sutra to dot.com: The history, myths and management of premature ejaculation

      Astbury-Ward, Edna; Deeside Community Hospital (Taylor & Francis, 2010-08)
      As long as man has breathed, his quest for the perfect sexual experience seems to have eluded him. Often the experience has been brought to an abrupt end by the misery of premature ejaculation. This paper will look at the history of premature ejaculation, charting the importance of this event throughout the years and across cultures. It will look at all modern day therapies and will discuss the implications of introducing pharmocotherapy to a problem that has been traditionally treated by sex therapy.
    • Menopause, sexuality and culture: Is there a universal experience?

      Astbury-Ward, Edna; Deeside Community Hospital (Taylor & Francis, 2003-05)
      Menopause is a universal phenomenon, but do all women experience a universal event? The aim of this article is to identify common trends or patterns occurring exclusively within certain different cultures, and whether these have an effect on how menopause is experienced or perceived by those women. This paper will first consider the physiological changes that occur during menopause and will then look at psychosocial influences that may affect women's perception and experience of menopause.