• Metacarpophalangeal pattern profile analysis of a sample drawn from a North Wales population

      Lewis, Stephen J.; Chester College of Higher Education (Taylor & Francis, 2001)
      Sexual dimorphism and population differences were investigated using metacarpophalangeal pattern profile (MCPP) analysis. Although it is an anthropmetric technique, MCPP analysis is more frequently used in genetic syndrome analysis and has been under-used in the study of human groups. The present analysis used a series of hand radiographics from Gwynedd, North Wales, to make comparisons, first, between the sexes within the sample and then with previously reported data from Japan. The Welsh sexes showed MCPP analyses that indicated size and shape differences but certain similarities in shape were also evident. Differences with the Japanese data were more marked. MCPP anlysis is a potentially useful anthropmetric technique but requires further statistical development.
    • Morphological aspects of male and female hands

      Lewis, Stephen J.; University College Chester (Taylor & Francis, 1996)
      This journal article discusses a series of hand radiographs from Gwynedd, North Wales, which were assessed for frequencies in digital and metacarpal formulae between the genders.