• Engaging parents and carers with Sure Start New Steps

      Perry, Catherine; Samuels, Tanya (Centre for Public Health Research, University of Chester, 2006-01)
      This project report discusses the extent to which families in Halton are aware of the Sure Start New Steps programme. Concerns had been raised about the strategies used to inform parents and carers about Sure Start New Steps and how systematically and effectively its activities were introduced and promoted by health professionals and others working with the eligible population.
    • The local evaluation of Halton's Healthy Living programme annual reach report, August 2004 - July 2005

      Alford, Simon; Samuels, Tanya; Perry, Catherine (Centre for Public Health Research, University of Chester, 2005-10)
      This project report discusses an evaluation of the services of Halton's Healthy Living Centre, which aims to promote good health, reduce health inequalities, and improve the health of the most disadvantaged in Halton.