• An evaluation of the 'Living with Cancer' project: Using neuro-linguistic programming techniques to maximise the coping strategies of carers and patients living with cancer in Ellesmere Port

      Sargent, Penny; Thurston, Miranda; Kirby, Karen; University College Chester (Chester: University College Chester, 2004, 2004-03-01)
      The 'Living with cancer' project aimed to improve communication, relationship, and coping skills of health professionals, cancer patients and their carers in Ellesmere Port. The project delivered NLP Diploma training to 55 health professionals between April 2001-March 2004.
    • An evaluation of the Wallasey Heart Centre

      Perry, Catherine; Kirby, Karen; Jones, Jenny; Thurston, Miranda (Centre for Public Health Research, Chester College of Higher Education, 2003-01)
      This project report discusses an evaluation of Wallasey Heart Centre, an intermediate cardiovascular clinic designed to provide accessible high-quality patient care to an area with a high prevalence of of coronary heart disease and poor access to existing secondary care services. The service began in October 2000 with funding for three years. The views of local GPs, local cardiologists, and Wallasey Heart Centre staff and patients were sought.
    • Exploring colorectal cancer patients' perceptions of the quality of their care

      Thurston, Miranda; Perry, Catherine; Kirby, Karen; Chester College of Higher Education (Chester: Chester College of Higher Education, 2003, 2003-05)
      This report discusses the local situation in Halton with regard to colorectal cancer care by exploring how patients perceived the quality of their care.