• The X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of surface films formed during the ASTM D-130/ISO 2160 copper corrosion test

      Reid, David G.; Smith, Graham C.; University of Chester (Taylor & Francis, 2014-01)
      The surfaces of ISO 2160 copper strips tested in iso-octane with elemental sulfur, aliphatic, cyclic and aromatic thiols, diphenyl sulfide, and diphenyl disulfide individually or in combination were studied using XPS. Aliphatic thiols bonded through the sulfur, whereas elemental sulfur formed a cuprous sulfide layer. Aromatics bonded partially through the sulfur with the rings oriented horizontally due to π orbital interactions, accounting in part for their inhibitory effects in the test. The test rating was not directly related to the sulfur concentration in solution or on the surface, and certain combinations of species resulted in higher levels of sulfur at the surface than found individually.