• The year of mutinies: An analysis of the naval mutinies at Spithead and the Nore in 1797

      Mackie, Philip D. (University of Chester, 2010)
      The so-called "great naval mutinies of 1797" marked a significant turning point in Royal Navy history. The events of that year sent shockwaves through the navy and fundamentally altered the attitudes of officers towards their crews, and vice versa, giving ordinary seamen a new voice over issues concerning their pay, victuals, and treatment by those above.
    • Young people's perceptions of their experience of counselling in a school setting: A qualitative study

      Le'Surf, Anne; Bassett, Linda (University of Liverpool (University of Chester), 2007-10)
      This study examines young peoples’ experiences of counselling in a school setting. Five young people who received counselling in their school were interviewed individually and their responses analysed using the constant comparative method. The results highlight four particular areas that would be helpful to address if a school were considering setting up a counselling service. The findings emphasise the importance young people place on autonomy around the disclosure of the fact they are attending counselling, as well as the actual content of counselling sessions. They suggest that many young people would prefer to have counselling in their school, rather than at another venue. The young people interviewed identify certain qualities in the counsellor that facilitate an effective counselling relationship, and finally how many of their peers were unaware of the nature and existence of a counselling service in their school. The relevance of the outcomes to the effective counselling of young people are discussed.
    • Young, single and treated for breast cancer: Making sense of my sexuality - An exploration of women’s stories

      Gubi, Peter M.; Shortt, Susan (University of Chester, 2014-10)
      This qualitative study explores the experiences of four young, single women, who were diagnosed with breast cancer, and examines the impact of this on their sexuality, during and post-treatment. The data was gathered using semi-structured interviews, and analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Emerging themes included identity loss during treatment, differing degrees of adjustment to an altered body post-treatment, and concerns around dating and new relationships. Although each participant was clearly moving forward in positive ways, ongoing emotional losses were also described, including those related to fertility. Findings largely support earlier work in this area, although there have been very few studies with this particular sub-group of women. One finding that differed from other research was the universal acceptance by prospective partners of participants’ altered bodies.
    • "You’re in the boxing ring and it’s just the two of you and it’s sort of survival" - The quest for excitement in professional female Muay Thai boxing

      Pritchard, Ian; Phipps, Catherine (University of Chester, 2013-09)
      Using a figurational sociological approach, this research analyses the motivations of professional female Muay Thai boxers in training and competition, and ways in which they negotiate their elite status in a male-associated sport. To do this, I draw on fourteen semi-structured interviews to analyse the extent to which females in Muay Thai experience a quest for excitement. It is suggested females are motivated to participate as the sport acts as an emotional and physical outlet and is used as a means to gain mimetic satisfactions which men have originally acquired through sports. The participants in this study experienced pleasurable, de-routinising satisfactions associated with taking part in an activity that is considered male-dominated and masculine. Female Muay Thai boxers’ experiences of the quest for excitement also incorporate a desire for gender equality by resisting traditional female roles which are often more routinised, and feminine-appropriate sports which can lack in physical contact. Although they experienced enjoyment through their involvement in a male-associated sport, participants often placed emphasis on their femininity to counteract their success. Overall it is argued females can experience a specifically gendered quest for excitement in Muay Thai which differs to men’s experiences. This research supplements the minimal existing research on females in martial arts and serves as a comparison to literature on men’s and women’s experiences of the quest for excitement.