• Swettenham: A rural township in East Cheshire, 1660-1770

      McGuicken, Rachel; Richards, Peter W. (University of Liverpool (University of Chester), 2005-10)
      This dissertation aims to describe the buildings, landscape, population and economy of the township of Swettenham between the years 1660 and 1770 using mainly the primary sources available. Firstly there is a description of the landscape and population in general terms - the landscape's appearance, land use, pattern of settlement, overall population trends and patterns. This includes consideration of how old the landscape described might be. Moving away from the general to the particular, consideration is then given to the standards of living and way of life of the individuals, the type of agriculture they practised and the buildings in which they lived. Where possible, reference is made to evidence from the lives of individuals to support and illustrate these themes. The results show that Swettenham was a relatively self-contained community in terms of its agricultural economy and contact beyond the parish boundary. The population was fluid, with movement into and out of the parish throughout the period, but social habits were slow to change.