• Person-centred counsellors' assessment for brief therapy: A small scale qualitative study of the experiences of person-centred counsellors working in a brief therapy session

      Mintz, Rita; Knight, Jane (University of Chester, 2008-11)
      Assessment is considered a key ingredient of brief therapy and yet it is antithetical for many person-centred counsellors. Consequently, there has been little research into how person-centred counsellors assess for brief therapy, if indeed they do. Moreover, there is limited guidance from the literature to assist the person-centred counsellor in this respect. Being informed by Wilkins and Gill's (2003) research, this small scale, qualitative study used unstructured interviews to explore the experiences of five person-centred counsellors who worked in brief therapy settings. Verbatim transcripts from the interviews were analysed using the constant comparative method of data analysis. The results indicated that the process of assessment was not a separate event that could be isolated and analysed critically, but was contextual and continuous throughout therapy. The outcomes showed support for Wilkins and Gill's (2003) research and point to a theory of assessment based on a judgment about aspects of the relationship. Implications for training, research and practice are discussed.