• Effects of Carbohydrate and/or Branched-chain Amino Acids Supplementation on Physical Performance and Mental function, During Endurance-based Intermittent Sports

      Katsavrias, Evangelos (University of Chester, 2015)
      In contemporary football, success has been associated with technical skill implementation, mental awareness and short-time decision-making, which have been found to decline during the last minutes of the game. Possible explanations are related with players’ position, match intensity and strategy. In the context of physical performance, ingestion of 6-7% CHO at a rate of 60-80 g·h-1 can improve Inc and in some cases St. Furthermore, ingestion of CHO in similar amounts (6-8% CHO in a rate of 30-60 g·h-1), can decrease possible declines in technical skill implementation during the last minutes of a game due to fatigue. Although the possible mechanisms behind skill performance remain unclear, skill compounds such as cognitive and mental function have been found to increase after CHO supplementation in prolonged exercise. However, relative evidence on football-specific studies is sparse and usually under extreme conditions. Addendum of BCAA in a CHO beverage or alone, can enhance mental performance during prolonged exercise compared to placebo. However, increased doses of BCAA can provoke fatigue due to increased ammonia production. Generally, 100 mg·kg-1 BCAA can keep low the ammonia production due to BCAA, while can improve significantly mental and physical performance in prolonged exercise. However, no evidence exists on field sports considering both physical and mental performance. The effects of BCAA and/or CHO supplementation on cognition and physical performance in football have not been examined yet and research is needed.