• Analysis of information systems value and formulation of investment appraisal framework strategy on the context of local government in Wales

      Jones, Stephen (University of Liverpool (Chester College of Higher Education), 1998-11)
      Local Authorities have the responsibility of delivering a wide range of services to the general public and have a number of significant problems in many service delivery areas. The Information Technology and Information Systems field is arguably the most challenging. A current information systems issue within the author's sponsoring organisation - a new Welsh Unitary Authority - is getting value from IS investment. The Authority has recently implemented an organisational-wide Office Automation (OA) system. This system was introduced to consolidate and integrate the many departmental systems, working environments and business cultures. Although individual users appeared comfortable with existing departmental paper and technology based OA arrangements, there was no corporate OA environment and it was difficult to communicate and share information. It was perceived that this situation was both inefficient and ineffective. The corporate OA system was therefore introduced to deliver a coherent business information system on a single information technology platform, across a large geographical area and several organisational sites. This initiative had the key objectives to improve information flow, working arrangements and organisational efficiency. This dissertation investigates the rationale for the implementation of an organisational-wide, corporate OA system and investigates and analyses how IS value and benefit was defined and measured. This task has enabled the author to utilise the skills and knowledge gained on the MSc Information Systems degree course. Upon completion of the research dissertation, IS value has have been defined, identified and analysed with regard to a specific case study situation. An IS Investment Appraisal Framework Strategy has been proposed for the Local Authority. This could have a direct benefit to the author's organisation and may assist others in the future.