• "Internationalisation of higher education": An evaluation study of internationalisation efforts at the University of Chester

      Rajkhowa, Gautam; Jofin, John (University of Chester, 2009-11)
      "Higher Education" is considered to be the most internationally traded commodity in the era of Globalisation. The proposed research study aims at understanding the various theoretical concepts of "Intel-nationalisation of Higher Education" around the globe and in particular to "Internationalisation of Higher Education" among the UK universities. The research aims at comparing the internationalisation efforts at a group of sample universities located in different parts of UK and University of Chester. Based on the comparative analysis, the researcher lists out the major findings of this study regarding the effectiveness and drawbacks of the current level of internationalisation at the University of Chester. The researcher also tries to suggest appropriate recommendations for improving the "Level of Internationalisation" at the University of Chester in the years to come.