• Liverpool City Council's performance management framework: An evaluation of its impact on customer-focused results

      Heath, Jan (University College Chester, 2004-08)
      Following the emergence of New Public Management, and the increased focus on performance management by the current UK government through initiatives such as the Local Government Modernisation Agenda, Best Value and Comprehensive Performance Assessment, local authorities have come under increasing pressure to improve their performance management systems. Within this context Liverpool City Council, with a history of poorly performing services and the highest Council Tax in the country, introduced its Comprehensive Performance Management Framework in 2000 to deliver performance improvement and embed a performance culture across the organisation. Since then, the Council has transformed services and overturned its image as a failing authority. This study evaluates the impact of the Council's Corporate Performance Management Framework on customer-focused results through analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and considers the potential negative consequences of performance management systems within the UK public sector with reference to other research. The research also identifies the role of control and accountability within public sector performance management regimes and considers whether it is possible to implement performance management systems based on private sector practices that are able to fulfil a dual role of both accountability and performance improvement.