• An exploration of the ministry of women in the church with special reference to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

      Hogan, Linda; Daba Bultum, Bekure (University of Liverpool (Chester College of Higher Education), 1994-05)
      The place of women and their status in both church and society has been debated for many years. This work claims to indicate that women's work and ministry need to be recognised. Women are most important people in both these areas though they are not the ones to hold the responsible positions. Considering the place of women in Ethiopian and in African socieities they do triple work (housework, child bearing and agricultural work) and even more. But because of the socio-cultural ethos, women's work is undervalued and gender bias has become obvious. The survey of the dissertation sets out to explore, through a review of literature, how women's ministry has been seen in the church. Why can they not conduct ministry in all areas the same as their male counterparts. The aim of the work is firstly a personal one because it is my interest to know more about the ministry of women and their place in both areas as it may help in my future service. Secondly, it seems helpful for other people who want to deal with the subject. This dissertation contains four chapters. In chapter one women's activities in housework, their share in education, property ownership and health will be discussed. The second chapter considers women's ministry and their place in the church. In the third chapter, the quwestion of women's ordination is explored and in the fourth one a short summary with some suggested strategies will be given.