• Circus Starr: App for Autistic Audiences Research and Development Report

      Bright, Rebecca; Logan, Cath; Piper-Wright, Tracy; Therapy Box, Circus Starr, University of Chester (Nesta, 2015-09)
      The final report for the Digital R&D Project 'Show and Tell', funded by the AHRC, Arts Council England and Nesta. During an 18 month period the project investigated the potential of digital technology to enhance engagement with live arts events for children with autism through the development and testing of a proprietary mobile app.
    • Through the surface: Collaborating textiles artists from Britain and Japan

      Bristoe, Maxine; Chester College of Higher Education (2004-01-26)
      Through the suraface was an Anglo-Japanese mentoring exchange project which explored points of difference and similarity within the cultures of Japan and Britain and involved collaboration between textile articles who were at different stahes of career development. Maxine Bristow mentored the Jaapanese artist Kyoko Nitta and contributed an essay - Material trace-marking time and defining space - to the accompanying booklet.