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  • Fgf signalling triggers an intrinsic mesodermal timer that determines the duration of limb patterning

    Sedas Peres, Sofia; McQueen, Caitlin; Stainton, Holly; Pickering, Joseph; Chinnaiya, Kavitha; Saiz Lopez, Patricia; Placzek, Marysia; Ros, Maria; Towers, Matthew; University of Sheffield; University of Chester; Universidad de Cantabria (Nature Research, 2023-09-20)
    Complex signalling between the apical ectodermal ridge (AER - a thickening of the distal epithelium) and the mesoderm controls limb patterning along the proximo-distal axis (humerus to digits). However, the essential in vivo requirement for AER-Fgf signalling makes it difficult to understand the exact roles that it fulfils. To overcome this barrier, we developed an amenable ex vivo chick wing tissue explant system that faithfully replicates in vivo parameters. Using inhibition experiments and RNA-sequencing, we identify a transient role for Fgfs in triggering the distal patterning phase. Fgfs are then dispensable for the maintenance of an intrinsic mesodermal transcriptome, which controls proliferation/differentiation timing and the duration of patterning. We also uncover additional roles for Fgf signalling in maintaining AER-related gene expression and in suppressing myogenesis. We describe a simple logic for limb patterning duration, which is potentially applicable to other systems, including the main body axis.
  • Uptown and Downtown Manhattan in the latter 1970s

    Morrison, Simon A.; University of Chester
    Titled Transatlantic Drift: The Ebb and Flow of Global Dance Culture, this book tracks the evolving story of electronic dance music from WWII to the Millennium, as the beat bounced between Europe and North America. It will be published by Reaktion, in 2024. Music is not formed in isolation; humans are social animals, keen to draw on influences, to come together collectively, to share music, whether in their hometowns or travelling the world to share melody, and to feel the beat, communally. From Detroit to Wigan; from Dusseldorf to Chicago; from New York to Ibiza, the story of dance music has been a conversation between many people, in many, many different areas, communicating through the beat. This book will interrogate those ideas.
  • Evaluating the role of the Primary Care Cancer Nurse: a qualitative study of local implementation in Runcorn

    Perry, Catherine; Thurston, Miranda; University of Chester (Chester College of Higher Education, Centre for Public Health Research, 2006-08)
    The Calman-Hine Report drew attention to the central place of primary care, as well as its interface with secondary care, in the overall management of patients with a diagnosis of cancer. This point was subsequently re-stated in the NHS Cancer Plan. More recently, cancer nurse leaders have been identified as playing a key role in cancer care. However, given the shift towards community-based provision for cancer and palliative care patients concerns have been expressed by some about the dearth of specialist staff available in the community to manage this care effectively. One development has been the introduction of a specialist post, the primary care cancer nurse (PCCN), based within general practice to support members of the primary health care team (PHCT) and liaise across organisational and professional boundaries.
  • An evaluation of the parent and child groups provided by Winsford Youth Forum and commissioned by Sure Start Winsford

    Davies, Sarah; Thurston, Miranda; University of Chester (Chester College of Higher Education, Centre for Public Health Research, 2006-06)
    Sure Start is a government policy initiative developed as a key part of its agenda to address child poverty and social exclusion. It aims to bring together early education, childcare, health and family support, in order to achieve better outcomes for children. Sure Start Winsford has commissioned Winsford Youth Forum to provide parent and child groups in the local area. At the time of this research there were six different groups in operation, each run weekly by the two session facilitators. The aim of the research was to evaluate the parent and child groups delivered by Winsford Youth Forum. It set out to evaluate the quality of the environment in the different settings and to explore the impact of the services on the children and families who use them.
  • Sure Start Blacon: engaging with families who are 'hard to reach'

    Ward, Fiona; Thurston, Miranda; University of Chester (Chester College of Higher Education, Centre for Public Health Research, 2006-08)
    Although Sure Start Blacon has tried to make sure that all parents and carers know about the activities offered by the programme, some families do not use their services. Sure Start Blacon wanted to find out more about the things that prevented families from coming to their activities and to see if there were things they could do to encourage them to attend.

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