Researcher page: Tony Wall

About the researcher: Tony Wall

Title: Senior Lecturer & Principal Investigator

Department: Centre for Work Related Studies

Field: Facilitating authentic leadership and management learning through workplaces

Location: Chester | International

Phone: +44 124451 2299


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Research interests:

Tony is a specialist in personal and organisational transformation through work-based learning – using ideas from leadership, learning and applied psychology to help practitioners work through and rigorously investigate real world situations, leading to deeper, longer-lasting impact. Tony also works closely with businesses and training organisations internationally to boost training and learning effectiveness through the university-accreditation of training courses – enabling trainees to make bigger, longer-lasting, impacts at work – and at the same time – achieve prestigious university qualifications. Tony Wall BSc Hons BBA MSc MA PGCHE ACIPD CMALT FHEA FRSA

Teaching interests:

Tony speaks internationally on issues related to work-based learning and personal transformation.

- folder: Research

- folder: Facilitating Practitioner Enquiry and Research

A framework for judging the ‘quality’ of first-person-action-research projects on the work based & integrative studies (WBIS) programme: Extracts from a practitioner research Masters dissertation

An accelerated practitioner research approach (APRA) for leaders and managers

An accelerated practitioner research approach for professionals: A study

Commodification in practitioner research

Developing a pedagogical model for facilitating situated learning: A study

Eupneic inquiry and 'quality' in first person action research

Facilitating situated learning: A 'mode 2' pedagogical model

Practitioner enquiry for busy professionals: An accelerated learning model

- folder: Flexible Learning Infrastructures Research

Co-delivery of higher level learning and role perceptions: A practitioner research study

Contesting ownership and responsibility: A practitioner research study

Enabling and disabling discourses in promoting RPLO policy and practice in Higher Education

Facilitating faster growth with small enterprise

Issues, challenges and joys of accreditation

Personal tutoring and academic advising: Improving student success

Prefiguring higher education as action inquiry

Transforming leadership, learning and life through work based learning

University models of work-based validation