Researcher page: Tom Greggs

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About the researcher: Tom Greggs

Title: Prof.

Department: Theology & Religious Studies

Field: Systematic Theology

Location: Chester

Phone: 01244 511038


Research interests:

The concept and critique of ‘religion', especially theological readings of such critiques; Religionless Christianity and the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Issues surrounding soteriology - especially the political implications of doctrines of salvation, eschatology and theopolitics, salvation and the non-Christian, the scope of salvation, issues surrounding universalism; Pneumatology, especially the role of the Spirit in salvation; the theology of Karl Barth (and especially the intellectual relationship between Bonhoeffer on Barth); Origen and uses of Patristic theology for contemporary systematics; Evangelical theology and the re-description of Evangelicalism; Theologies of the religions

Teaching interests:

Level 6/7: Theology and the Bible; Level 6/7: Transformations of British Religious Life; Level 5: Christian Theologies Today (team taught); Level 4: Christian Theology - Past and Present (team taught)

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