The Centre for Public Health Research is an ambitious and expanding department within the School of Applied and Health Sciences. It is the 'hub' for public health research at the University of Chester and is part of a growing network of public health research and education activities within the University, which include public health nutrition; health informatics; sport and leisure; exercise and nutrition; domestic violence; healthy schools; sexual health; quality of care. The Centre also has collaborative links with the Department of Public Health at Liverpool University, as well as the wider academic and NHS public health networks in the North West of England. One of the Centre's main roles is to carry out policy-relevant health and social research, specifically in the areas of public health, primary care and social welfare. It has had considerable success over the last six years in attracting external income for commissioned research. The Centre's research expertise is extensive, particularly in the following areas: evaluation of public health interventions; survey work; researching the local implementation of policies and services for children, young people and families; sexual health and sexual health service provision; primary care roles and service models; researching marginalised groups; evaluation methodology.


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