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Getting started

What is Chester Digital Repository
Chester Digital Repository (ChesterRep) is a digital archive or repository which stores research resources available to the research community via the web. The repository stores research written and created by academics at the University of Chester and includes journal articles, book chapters, working papers, conference papers, project reports, datasets and multimedia files. Wherever possible the aim is to provide full-text, if full-text is not available then bibliographical details are shown, in order to demonstrate the research output of the university.
ChesterRep reflects the structure of the university and is organised by
  • Academic Schools (further divided by Departments)
  • Research Institutes
  • Support Departments

Using search

You can search by keyword or you can browse. The search box appears at the top right-hand corner, just key in your search term to retrieve relevant information. You will also find an additional search box on each community’s home page; this allows you to carry out a simple search at the level of the hierarchy or levels below using a drop down menu.

Keyword search

The keyword searches the title, author, abstract, sponsor and identifies fields of each items record. Full text of PDFs, Word documents and rich text files (RTFs) are also searched.


You can use an asterisk (*) after a word stem to denote the root of the word, all words containing the root will then be retrieved. For example if you key child* records with child, children, childhood etc. will be picked up.
To search for phrases put quotation marks around the phrase for example “change management”.

Boolean searching

Certain words or operators can be used to combine terms when using these operator they must be capitalized.
  • Boys AND girls retrieves items which contain both words
  • Boys OR girls retrieves items which contain either word
  • Boys NOT girls retrieves items which contains the first search term only


You can browse:
  • by community, sub-community and collection
  • by title
  • by author
  • by date
The browse menu allows you to browse records in the archive at the appropriate level of hierarchy or any level below it using a drop down menu.

Submitting content

What can be submitted

Pre and post print research articles, technical reports, multi-media files, conference papers, book chapters and data sets and can all be deposited in ChesterRep.

Why submit?

Research indicates that work published in open access institutional repositories have up to 300% more citations than research published in journals that limit access i.e. through journal subscriptions so the main advantage of deposition is increased exposure. Funding bodies, such as the Wellcome Trust, are increasingly insisting that research must be deposited in institutional repositories.


An increasing number of publishers permit pre and post-prints to be deposited in institutional repositories. To find out what each publisher permits, see the SHERPA/ROMEO website on publisher copyright policies and self-archiving –
If you are the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder, you can use a Creative Commons licence to decide which limitations you wish to place on your work (eg commercial or educational-use only, amendments permitted or not-permitted). For more information see the Creative Commons website -